Singalong a success!

We’d like to send a massive thank you to two of our wonderful volunteers, Jess and Naomi.

Last year they came to us with an idea for a brand new fundraising event. They both sing in a local choir and suggested that they could bring the choir to the Nomad stage and hold a ‘Showtime Singalong’. We said “It’s a brilliant idea. Go for it.” and that’s exactly what they did!

The Duffers & Gruffers choir provided us with a wonderful evening’s entertainment.  Playing to a packed house they led a sing-a-long concert with songs from popular musicals, and a few comptemporary classics thrown in!  A mixture of community singing, brave solos and some lovely duet and four-part harmony songs made for a varied and enjoyable event.

It was great to see some of our Play In A Weeker participants join the choir for spotlight performances, complete with signing.  Special thanks to Jay Bristow and the Freewheelers music group for supporting them with preparation and rehearsals.

Very special thanks go to the Duffers & Gruffers choir for all of their hard work rehearsing and even self-funding the production of the song sheets and covering other associated costs. We really can’t say thank you enough for your support for our fundraising efforts.

Time after time members of the audience told us what a great evening they had had and hoped that we’d be able to tempt the choir back again next year!

The evening culminated in a true “Play In A Week” encore medley of songs which are part of our must-have daily warmup routine.

Roll on the summer…