Firstly, Thank you!

Play In A Week would not be possible without the help of the raft of volunteers and helpers who do so much every year to make the week’s activity and the show performances possible.

So that we know who we have with us for registration and health and safety purposes, we need you to complete this application form and return it to us by 30th June please.

People wishing to Participate and Perform must click on this link and use the Participant Application Form.

Although we need lots of help, the need for volunteers is not infinite. If we are very over-subscribed with offers of help and we find that we do not need everyone who might wish to join us, preference will be given to those who have been with us previously.

Please follow the instructions on this form, and contact us if you have any questions.

    2024 Volunteer Application Form

    All volunteer helpers must be aged 18 years, or over.

    I am available to help at Play In A Week 2024 which runs from Monday 22th July to Sunday 28st July 2024.

    I am available on:
    (either tick "EVERY DAY" OR or just the days on which you will be coming)



    My Emergency Contact

    Please give us the name and telephone number of someone we can contact if you become unwell or in the event of an emergency during Play In A Week.



    If you have any special skills which it would be helpful for us to know about (relating to theatre craft or to the Play In A Week event week and show performances), please jot them down here to make us aware!

    We can't promise to utilise them all, but it would be good to know that you have them if the need arises!



    We do not expect volunteer helpers to pay any fees. We appreciate that you are giving up your time, and we thank you for choosing to do so.

    However, for insurance purposes you need to be a Nomad in order to join in this event and so you will be enrolled as a Nomad "Affiliate" member free of charge (unless you are already a Nomad). This membership runs for the week of Play In A Week.

    The theatre will contact you directly in due course to confirm your membership. If you are interested in upgrading to any other categories of Nomad membership which offer more benefits, please contact the theatre's Membership Secretary.


    Nomad Member Declaration and Consent

    I agree to becoming an Affiliate Member of The Nomads for the week of Play In A Week and I undertake to observe the Constitution, Rules and Regulations of the society.

    I agree that The Nomads may store and use my personal details on this form for
    communication and member management purposes, and may use photos and videos which
    are taken/made at Play In A Week for publicity and fundraising purposes.


    That's it - Now just press the button below and your form will be sent to us. Thank you!


    This Application Form is also available as a pdf document which you can print out, fill in, and post back to us below.

    Volunteer Application Form PDF