Volunteering and helping

Over 1,000 volunteer hours go into the show each year.  We all have a lot of fun! - We learn new skills. - We are sometimes challenged! - We share a great camaraderie working together towards a common goal!

Work goes on around the year and around the clock.  Some volunteers come along for the whole production week, while others have an hour or two to spare after work, or help with a specific task which might be outside the production week altogether.  Whatever your availability, please get in touch anytime to talk about how you could join in.

Everyone takes unique memories and experiences away with them.  We know from feedback that volunteering can be a life-changing experience which can enhance personal confidence and well being in ways you might not expect.  It can look good on your CV too!

There are lots of ways in which you can get involved to volunteer at Play In A Week and have some fun helping put on the show!

During the rehearsal week itself, and for the performances, we need helpers to support our participants in a range of ways:  Assistance with script reading and learning lines, mobility, transport, having lunch and refreshments, learning dance routines, making quick costume changes, remembering cues and entrances.

Behind the scenes a raft of activities go into making the production happen.  If you have skills in any of the following areas, why not contact us to see how to could join in the fun?  For example;

  • Sewing - A large number of costumes need to be made to measure every year!  If you can make or mend, darn a sock or adjust a hemline then our costumes team could certainly use your assistance.
  • DIY/carpentry - If you can mend a door or put up shelves at home then you could use your skills to help make our unique props and scenery.
  • Painting - Backdrops, scenery and props all need a fresh coat.
  • Back Stage Crew - Moving scenery and furniture during the show.
  • Technical help is also needed with the lighting and sound technology in the theatre.