Everyone who is planning to participate, volunteer or help out this summer MUST fill in a 2019 Application Form please.

Now that the 21st Play In A Week is on the way you need to tell us that you want to come along by filling in our Application Form.

For practical reasons we have to limit the number of participants to around 50, with sufficient volunteers and helper numbers to make it happen.  Priority will be given to those who have participated before.

Please follow the instructions on the form, and get in touch if you have any questions.

2019 Application Form

You must be over 18+ years of age to take part in Play In A Week

I would like to take part in Play In A Week 2019 which runs from Monday 22nd July to Sunday 28th July 2019.

My details

I would like to be a:

I am available on:
(either tick "EVERY DAY" OR or just the days on which you will be coming)



My Emergency Contact

Please give us the name and telephone number of someone we can contact if you become unwell or in the event of an emergency.



I WILL,I will NOT,
    be able to make a £50.00 voluntary contribution to help with the 2019 Play In A Week production and running costs.

The compulsory Nomad Membership fee of £15.00 and the voluntary contribution of £50.00 (if you choose to make one) are both payable on Monday 22nd July at the theatre please. You can pay by cash, or by cheque made payable to “The Nomads”.

Giftaid:Please tick this box if the person making the voluntary contribution is a UK tax payer. The voluntary contribution cheque for £50.00 must be made payable to “Nomad Players Limited”. We will then contact you about gift aid so that we can reclaim the valuable tax from your donation and make the money go even further!



That's it - Now just press the button below and your form will be sent to us. Thank you!

This Application Form is also available as a pdf document which you can print out, fill in, and post back to us.

Application Form 2019