Online Application Form for the 20th Play In A Week

Please note: For practical reasons we have to limit the number of participants to around 50 this year. If you do not return this form to us by 28th April 2018, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to participate this summer. Preference will be given to those who have previously participated in Play In A Week.

Please fill in this form by 28th APRIL at the latest. THANK YOU!


2018 Application Form

I would like to take part in Play In A Week 2018 which runs from Monday 23rd July to Sunday 29th July 2018. (The performances will be at 7.30pm on Saturday 28th and 2.30pm on Sunday 29th July, followed by a 20th anniversary celebration party on the Sunday afternoon.)

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Please give us the name and telephone number of someone we can contact if you become unwell or in the event of an emergency.


I WILL,I will NOT,
    be able to make a £50.00 voluntary contribution to help with the 2018 Play In A Week production and running costs.

The compulsory Nomad Membership fee of £15.00 and the voluntary contribution of £50.00 (if you choose to make one) are both payable on Monday 23rd July at the theatre please. You can pay by cash, or by cheque made payable to “The Nomads”.

Giftaid:Please tick this box and make the cheque payable to “Nomad Players Limited” if the person making the voluntary contribution is a UK tax payer. We will then contact you about gift aid so that we can reclaim the valuable tax from your donation and make the money go even further!


FREE 20th anniversary polo shirt for everyone!

This year’s Play In A Week is a very special one because we are celebrating our 20th anniversary.

To mark this amazing milestone we are having polo shirts made to give to everyone
involved as a thank you for your support, help and participation.

They will be orange coloured cotton polo shirts, embroidered with the Play In A
Week and Nomad Theatre’s logos.

If you want one of these, WE NEED TO KNOW YOUR SIZE by 28th April, so please select one of the boxes below to tell us what size shirt you would like.

XS (34")  S (36")  M (38")  L (41")  XL (43")  2XL (45")  3XL (47")  4XL (49")  I DO NOT want a free shirt!

(The sizings are chest measurements in inches, and are approximate. If in doubt, please go a size bigger to avoid disappointment because we will not be able to change them!)

Please answer the question in the box below:


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Data Protection: Just so you know, we only keep the personal data you provide on this form in order to be able to contact you with information about Play In A Week, our fundraiser events, and related activities. We do not pass your personal data on to anyone else. Information you have provided relating to your shirt size will be deleted after the shirts have been distributed in the summer. Data is stored electronically in a secure format only accessible to the Producers of Play In A Week. If you do not want us to keep your data after this year’s production is over, please let us know and we will delete it.