Please fill in our Application Form!

Now that the 20th Play In A Week is on the way you need to tell us that you want to come along by filling in our Application Form. The filled in form must be returned to us by April 28th.

Everyone who is planning to participate, volunteer or help out this summer must fill in one of our Application Forms please.

Participant numbers will be limited to 50, and since Play In A Week is now such a popular activity we need to who know who wants to be there as early on as possible because there may be a waiting list of potential new performers wanting to join us.  Priority will be given to those who have participated before, but we need to know who you are, and get you booked in.

Please follow the instructions on the form, and get in touch if you have any questions.

Application Form 2018 – Print out, fill in, post back to us or bring along to the Workshop day please.

2018-web-Application-Form.doc (Word file) – Download, fill in and email it back to us at:


Use our new 2018 Online Application form.

Announcing our FREE 20th Anniversary polo shirts!

We are having some special 20th anniversary polo shirts made, which will be given free to this year’s cast, backstage crew and volunteers.  On the application form is a section for you to tick a box and let us know what size polo shirt you would like.  This applies to participants, and also to the helpers and volunteers who get involved and work (on and off stage) to make the magic happen!

If you do not let us know your size by returning your application form by April 28th, you will not get a shirt!


Voluntary contributions from Participants

Finally, on the application form is the section where you can indicate whether you can make a voluntary contribution to help with the running costs as well as paying the compulsory Nomad membership fees.

If you are in a position to make a voluntary contribution in the summer we would really appreciate it since Play In A Week relies on year-round fundraising and donations to pay for what we do and it all adds up.