(We have two large galleries of photos the rehearsals and performances of our 2017 production, ‘Once Upon A Forest’.)

Play In A Week 2017 started on July 24th and culminate with two public performances on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th.

Written for us by Rachel Barnett, it was a humorous twist on all of those fairytales that we know and love!

“The Forest contains many tales (and quite a few tails). The trees have seen countless stories come and go. They have stood and watched as children who were lost become found, lovers are reunited, and a small girl in a red cape picks flowers even though she was told not to. This is the forest of every fairy tale ever told.

But the forest has grown old, and now the trees have grown up to the sky and spend their days remembering when they were saplings and the stories were new.

One day, they hear familiar voices, the three little pigs, now grown big, have returned to the forest. But something’s different. They aren’t just talking about building their three environmentally friendly houses this time, they’re talking about bulldozing the entire forest and building a new development of houses there – and not an eco-friendly stick amongst them – they’re talking brutalist concrete, steel and glass – nothing the big bad wolf could EVER blow down…

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2017 DVD Order Form – If you missed this production, or would like to experience it all over again, then you will be pleased to know that we have produced a DVD of the show. In addition to the video of the entire production, it also contains some interesting and amusing ‘extras’!

To get hold of one of these DVDs please print out the 2017 DVD Order Form, fill it in and return it to us, remembering to include £14.50 which includes p&p!