(We have two large galleries of photos the rehearsals and performances of our 2016 production, ‘Strictly Come Shakespeare’.)

Play In A Week 2016 started on Monday July 25th with an empty stage, an enthusiastic cast, lots of helpful volunteers, and the first draft of a specially commissioned script. It ended on Sunday 31st after two very successful public performances. During the week we all worked hard, learnt new skills, recited Shakespearian prose, danced with passion and enthusiasm, made new friends, and shared in a unique and very special experience.

To achieve all of this for our 43 participants they were backed by over 60 volunteers and support workers. At one point during rehearsals we were simultaneously using 8 separate rehearsals spaces in and around the theatre!

2016 was the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare. Our brief to the script-writer was to present a flavour of his work in a modern and ‘inclusive’ format. The result was “Strictly Come Shakespeare”, which saw some of his most interesting characters competing in a TV format dance competition. This format allowed us to embrace both live acting, dance routines and pre-recorded film inserts.

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The video above is our version of the ‘Cry God for Harry, England, and Saint George!’ speech from Shakespeare’s Henry V, Act III. It was performed by some of our cast members and then projected as a backdrop for King Henry’s contemporary solo dance. It is also contained in our DVD of the production.

2016 DVD Order Form – If you missed this production, or would like to experience it all over again, then you will be pleased to know that we have produced a DVD of the show. In addition to the video of the entire production, it also contains some interesting and amusing ‘extras’!

To get hold of one of these DVDs please print out the 2016 DVD Order Form, fill it in and return it to us, remembering to include £14.50 which includes p&p!