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What is Play In A Week?

Play In A Week is an annual week-long fully inclusive project, which enables adult actors with learning and/or physical disabilities to enjoy the magic and benefits of participating in a theatre show and putting on public performances in a real theatre.

Play In A Week is held in the southeast of England and is now in its 22nd year!

What do we do?

Starting on a Monday morning each July, between 40 and 50 enthusiastic and talented participants, a raft of volunteer helpers, along with a team of specialist professionals start work at the Nomad Theatre in East Horsley.

The actors work hard everyday throughout the week to rehearse, learning lines, songs and dance routines from scratch.  There are no “limitations” on who can be an actor at Play In A Week.  Everyone is welcome regardless of (dis)ability.  All we require is that people come along with enthusiasm, energy and team spirit, and are able to attend every day in order to learn their parts and be an equal part of the Company.

Our Professionals

We engage a small number of specialist professionals to make all this possible for our actors!  An experienced Playwright is commissioned to write our play each year.  It is unique because of the large number of cast members involved and the goal of ensuring that everyone has a worthwhile part to play in the production.  We also aim to include ever popular song and dance numbers, so these must form part of the storyline all of which is written and tailored to suit us!

Our Director then manages and drives the week’s rehearsals; inspiring cast, crew and volunteers to stretch themselves, achieve personal goals, and form a cohesive and supportive team having lots of fun!

The Choreographer designs and teaches both dance and movement routines, and helps to direct physical movement around the stage.

The Musical Director composes, writes and teaches the company several songs each year, usually done completely from scratch.  He is also a sound effects wizard who provides “mood” music to order and well as whatever other noises, bangs, crashes, and bizzare sounds the Director decides to throw into every scene of the show!


Off stage other participants, along with volunteers, can be found hard at work all over the theatre during the rehearsal week making costumes, constructing and finding props and scenery to order!  They are also making magic happen in the technical box by planning the customised sound and lighting which gives the final production a professional finishSurtitling is written to help improve communication which is delivered live during each performance.

Even as the daytime activity dies down and the actors leave the building everyday, there is still a hive of activity going on.  With the stage clear and safe, large items of scenery and backdrops are painted and put in place, lighting rigs can be built, and even the stage floor itself is painted.

Public performances

At the end the busy week, everything somehow comes together beautifully as the curtain rises on Saturday night, and a paying public audience get to see the results of everyone’s hard work.  We have a Sunday matinee show too, and without fail everyone goes home at the end of it all totally elated and justifiably proud of their achievements.

Work then starts straight away for the team of organisers to kick off the year-long programme of planning and fundraising for next time.

2020 Escape: The Party!

Play In A Week 2020

Applications are now open!  If you want to participate or volunteer you MUST fill in an application form please.

Participants must fill in this form – Remember that you need to pay the Show Fee and Nomad Membership fees on or before 2nd May.

Volunteers must fill in this form.

If you would rather print off a paper copy and post your application to us you will find a link to a ‘pdf’ at the bottom of each of the forms above.

If you have any difficulties with the application process please let us know.

Workshop day – Saturday 2nd May 2020

10:00am to 3:30pm

This will be held in the Ballroom at The Grange In Bookham.


Rehearsals – Monday 27th July to Friday 31st July 2020

10:00am to 3:30pm

Dress Rehearsal & Performance – Saturday 1st August 2020

12.00pm to 9:30pm (to be confirmed)

Performance & After show party – Sunday 2nd August 2020

12.00pm to 5:30pm (to be confirmed)

Please visit our Facebook page to get all the latest information.


Public Performances

Saturday evening, 7:30 pm, 1st August,

and Sunday afternoon, 2:30pm, 2nd August

We are very pleased to inform you that the Sunday performance will not be affected by the ‘RideLondon’ cycling event in 2020 because their website says that will be happening later in August.


During the week of Play In A Week 2020 you can contact us by:

Email –

Telephone – 01483 284747

Diary & Events

Play In A Week 2020 Escape: The Party!!!!

We are pleased to announce the following date for our 2020 production!

Workshop Day – Saturday 2nd May 2020 – 10:00am to 3:30pm

This will be held in the Ballroom at The Grange In Bookham.

– Monday 27th July to Friday 31st July 2020 – 10:00am to 3:30pm

Dress Rehearsal & Performance
– Saturday 1st August 2020 – 12:00pm to 9:30pm (to be confirmed)

Performance & After show party
– Sunday 2nd August 2020 – 12:00pm to 5:30pm (to be confirmed)


Fundraising events

Please check back here over the coming months (or follow our Facebook page!) to find out all about the fundraising events we are planning to help us finance the 2020 production.

2019 Oh no, it’s raining!

Play In A Week 2019

The doors are shut, the lights are off, and Play In A Week 2019 is just a wonderful memory!

We have two large galleries of photos from the rehearsals and performances of this production.

Play In A Week 2019 started on Monday July 22nd and culminated in two public performances on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th.

Written for us by Rachel Barnett with additional material by Josh Sadler, it was a warning of the dangers climate change, because “If the humans won’t fix climate change, then the animals will!

You can find other photos from the week on our Facebook page (click here to visit Facebook).

(Read the Programme )

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